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Our deep technology industry experience and footprint encompass new product development – deployment, inventory strategy and integrated demand planning, sourcing and commodity management, manufacturing footprint strategy and operations, distribution network and logistics optimization, product lifecycles, and sustainability.

Chief Disruption Officer
Drive Continuous Improvement‎ in the digital age
Configuring for change
Rethinking the organization
Driving Technology Transformation
Creating Cultures of Experimentation
Nurturing Customer Relationships

A combination of old and new ideas

Mexico’s Secondary Law Provides a Path Forward for New Investments in the Hydrocarbons Sector. We can leverage our creative ideas and build relationships to your advantage.

Trading partner for our Upstream and Downstream affiliates – gasoline, diesel, LPG gas, and jet fuel. We can offer solutions for organizing the oil industry to all activities in the value chain: exploration, production, transport, storage, distribution, and wholesale commercialization of crude oil and refined products.

Our expert services

We offer a vast array of outlets for the insightful, specialized data and information needed to make the best business and technology decisions on the global energy stage. We specialize in helping clients understand, formulate and implement strategies around the very rapid changes in all these energy industry segments.

Position firms – develop assets and corporate strategy, provide opportunity identification, driving innovation, managing risks and reducing costs. We offer strong partnerships and trusted relationships that we have established throughout the energy industry.

Our energy consulting experts are uniquely positioned to help you analyze trends and identify opportunities or risks below and above ground, so you can develop winning strategies. Deep Energy Expertise – Benefit from the experience of our worldwide consultants including geoscientists, engineers, economists, information specialists, and other professional services.